Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Owner and President of Ventana Capital Darwin Horan

Darwin Horan has a well known personality especially in association with the Ventana Capital Inc. He has been running this venture as an owner and president which oversee the development of the commercial properties. The venture of Darwin Horan is a well established one in Colorado. He has a huge portfolio of different properties and his investments seem to appear in almost all the sectors. No matter you talk about the oil and gas sector or you talk about properties he has been serving the venture with all his efforts and skills.

Darwin Horan graduated from Arizona State University. He started his professional career by just working in home building and land management industry. In this industry, Darwin Horan remained as the head of  Denver Division as well as the north division of Writer homes for many years. Working their Horan was able to gain experience to set up his own company. This company was named as Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc in Colorado.

Apart from these, Darwin Horan also has a large number of achievements in other sectors. He has many interests, beside business. He is a very social person and has a lot of interest in many sports and sport activities. He also works for community service and humanitarian programs. His major interests are in Jiu Jitsu, fly fishing and coaching football. 

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