Monday, December 28, 2015


Internet marketing is among the quickest changing, fastest moving industries and it forces real estate professionals to innovate continuously in order to find the most cost effective manners to market real estate. Below are the top online marketing tools for real estate business.

Online Marketing Agencies
An aggressive and solid online marketing campaign will make your website authoritative and easy to find. imFORZA and Black-water Consulting/ Compass Internet Systems are companies that help real estate professionals to make their attractive websites effective with lead conversion in the search engines. 

Web design and development
A website well designed and marketing oriented with ‘calls to action’ can boost literally your business of real estate. Real Estate Webmasters is a top company located in Canada that helps numerous real estate professionals with effective designs. Another company located in Los Angeles is Agent Image that offers content management system/user friendly back office, and best designs.

Video Providers
Videos are very important to market your real estate business because they are interactive. Users can stop them and restart them as they wish. AgentCasts and Agent can assist you to create effective videos for your marketing and website campaigns.

IDX Solutions
For a website to generate effective lead, it must has a an easy to use, solid MLS search since people spend most of their time searching for real estate through the MLS database. Companies such as Diverse Solutions and iHomefinder provide the best looking solutions of IDX and wonderful MLS Coverage.
Email Marketing Services
An email marketing campaign well planned will market your business of real estate in the most targeted and cost effective way possible. Setting up an email marketing service enables you to stay before your leads and contact. This service is a wonderful method to generate new business.  Mail Chimp and i Contact are companies that can help you to track mails with useful features.

Well-maintained and managed blogs are among the best ways to construct your brand, grow your traffic and generate extra opportunities for lead generation. The best available platform of blogging is Real Estate Marketing Blog built on WordPress that is easy to use and offers various options for tracking, optimization, and customization.

Mobile/Text Message Marketing
Since the number of people using mobile phones is growing steadily, mobile marketing is set to become more effective and powerful. Companies such as Drive Buy Technologies and GoomZee offer numerous services including interactive text/SMS property listings, prompt routine of leads, lead tracking, Push/MMS messaging and spam protection.


Micro-blogging allows some amount of typescripts that keeps entries concise and short. Friend Feed and Ping are among the best platforms of micro-blogging you should get involved in. Friend Feed is a robust platform of micro-blogging that inspired popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This platform is far stronger in usability and features than other platforms. Ping. fm is exceptionally handy and enables you to update all your multiple accounts and blogs in a simple place. This great tool makes simple your social marketing activity. 

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